Children Blessing the Water for the Baby of Honor

Posted on: January 14th, 2020 by Susanna

Children blessing the waters

I absolutely love this moment!  Besides myself, the parents and godparents infusing the water with our prayers and blessings for our baby of honor, we asked all the children to do so as well.   I gently directed them to close their eyes and go to their hearts and fill themselves with their prayers and good wishes for baby Nathan.  After a moment of silent prayer, I asked them, What do you pray for him as he grows up?  The answers were adorable–from his being cute, strong, smart, fast.   I then asked,  Do we want him to have love?  They all shook their heads YES.   Do we want him to have joy?  They all shook their head YES.   The family sent me this photo saying how much everyone appreciated this—including the grandparents and great grandma of this beautiful Christian/Jewish family.

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