Posted on: July 9th, 2012 by Susanna

Hand painted in chocolate


It was a joy and privilege to perform little Gianna’s interfaith baby blessing ceremony yesterday! Her mom, Nicole, did an amazing job in creating the event!   We wanted to share some of her “finds”.   did the angel centerpieces and gardenia scented sachets.   Nicole loves angels and so do I!

The cake featured a portrait of Gianna hand painted in chocolate, from Riviera Bakehouse,

Upon our altar was a candle our parents lit as part of the ceremony signifying the emergence of the light that is their daughter unto this world.   Upon it is a blessing we incorporated into the ceremony, from

If you are wondering what is in those bowls, it is lemon juice, honey and wine for a ritual taught to me by my favorite rabbi!

May Gianna blossom fully flowered in Divine Accord.   May God bless and keep her and her family always!




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