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Oculus and Michelangelo

Posted on: July 10th, 2017 by Susanna

Michelangelo is my favorite artist and The Sistine Chapel my favorite work of art.  When seeing it for the first time, the feeling was visceral.  I have gone back to Rome a few times to study it, enjoy it.  I have read books to understand it better.  For me, it was more than wonder and awe—and there was certainly that—it was an insight into this great artist’s breathtaking cosmology.  This weekend my family visited the reproduced  images of Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel within Oculus, the winged subway station at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.  I wondered, having seen the magnificence of these paintings in person, how would I react?  Add to that, from this site, Ground Zero, where the horrors of 9/11 took place, witnessed up front and personal, this great winged structure was born to symbolize rebirth, hope and freedom.  Here are some images to see for yourself…

Oculus 1Oculus 2Oculus 3

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