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My Son Adam Celebrating the Indian Festival of Holi in Times Square!

Posted on: May 11th, 2015 by Susanna

Adam Holi

Meet the Martin Boys

Posted on: May 6th, 2015 by Susanna

Seven and five years ago respectively,  I had the honor of performing  these two “delicious” boys’  (as Mom Kate calls them) baby blessing ceremonies at the Somerset Palace in NJ.   Love the hair, Kate!   Tell me, where does the time go?


Martin Boys



Teven Ryan’s Baby Blessing Ceremony

Posted on: May 3rd, 2015 by Susanna

Here are a few photos I took today at Teven’s Ryan’s interfaith blessing.   Three years ago  I performed his sister Gianna’s ceremony.  She is the sweet little girl dressed in blue.  There were lovely readings and prayers,  a candle lighting, an anointing, the appointing of godparents (they presented amazing spiritual gifts to the baby), the honoring of grandparents— and I had a secret romantic surprise for the parents.   Big sister Gianna opened and closed the ceremony by ringing a bell.   She even helped me with one of the hands-on blessings!   After the congregation shouted Mazel Tov,  we had a lovely brunch at the Sky Top Lounge at The Ritz Carton.  All adorable, all wonderful!   Nicole, Teven’s mother, did an amazing job with the decorations, favors and the cake.  To occupy the many children who where there,  she brought in a master balloonist.    It has been my honor and joy to watch this family blossom!   I am grateful for the light of this family in the world and in my life.

Teven Blessing 8 Teven Blessing 12 Teven Blessing 9 Teven Blessing 6 Teven Blessing 4 Teven Blessing 3 Teven Blessing 2 Teven Blessing 5 Teven Blessing 7 Teven Blessing 10

Teven Blessing 11

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