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Everly’s Baby Blessing Celebration!

Posted on: July 6th, 2014 by Susanna

Everly's Baby Blessing

Check out this photo montage of Everly Angel Aspromatis’ baby blessing celebration!

Three years ago I performed her parents’  Greek/Orthodox Jewish wedding as we stood under a chuppah and circled the altar three times as I held the Greek Bible and Torah to my heart.  Now to be able to meet the grace that is their little girl is my greatest joy and blessing.   Dino and Danielle (D & D!) wanted a less traditional ceremony for their daughter’s blessing.   As with all my ceremonies,  the family chooses every rite, ritual, blessing and reading.   So little Everly was anointed in saffron, rose and coconut oils–head, heart and feet–representing her connection to the Divine, to Love and Compassion,  and to the Earth.   She tasted lemon juice for the unavoidable sorrows of life, sugar for its delightful sweetness, and wine for finding joy and meaning in all situations.   Her grandparents blessed her.  Grandpa read words written by Rabbi Epstein that he had also read at her parents’ wedding—coming full circle.  Her Aunt Alison read a blessing and pinned an angel upon her, a gift from Grandma Linnie.   We thanked God for the gift of Everly—unique in all the world and precious beyond measure.   I laced the ceremony with the parents’ hopes, prayers and feelings for their child.  These words came from questions that I gave them before I wrote the ceremony.   Danielle and Dino thanked each other for the gift of one another— in a little ritual that I developed.    We gave thanks for the gift of family.  I invoked the four angels of the kabbalah to protect her, strengthen her, guide her and show her the way— as taught to me by the late Rabbi Gelberman.    At the very end as I rang a bell that belonged to Everly’s great grandpa Harry Lewis, Everly’s proud Papa raised his child high (ala The Lion King) as everyone cheered Mazel tov and Na sou zisi!    Congratulations!  May you live a long life!   Then we signed a custom created blessing certificate designed by Cam Turner of   Mommy Daniele, founder of , made it beautiful with all her special touches.  Notice the baby’s breath in birch wood, the candles and the burlap runner.  You did an amazing job, Super Mom D and Event Planner!  As their wedding,  Everly’s blessing  reflected who this family is—all heart.



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